The Safari Experience

An African safari is at or near the top of most traveller’s wish list, but the ins and outs of actually going on safari may seem a little daunting. We understand this, and Safiri Adventures specialists experts and will patiently assist you to create your safari dreams into reality

What Happens on Safari?

Africa’s incredible wildlife is the central reason to go on safari, of course. We say incredible, because—after a lifetime of exposure to African images—most of us can barely believe the thrilling immediacy and newness of seeing these charismatic animals up close, wandering freely in their beautiful, ancient homeland.

It does not matter how many books you read and how many documentaries you watch, nothing will have prepared you for the reality of the African rhythm

We design all our safaris for variety and richness of the unique game viewing experience (almost invariably including the fabled Big Five: lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, rhino, and majestic elephants). typically making a morning and afternoon game drive in comfortable, well-provisioned and expertly guided safari vehicles is unmatched. We usually drive from one camp to another which gives guests a glimpse of life on the road or fly for comfort and save time. Depending on the camp or lodge, we can choose between a wide range of activities, from classic game drives, mountain biking, swimming, bush picnics, cultural exchanges, bush walks, candlelight dinners to optional balloon rides, spa treatments, wine tasting, and, that rare luxury in modern life: deep, quiet, untroubled repose.

What kind of Safari do you want?

Depending on your budget and time, we offer safaris that are simply magnificent or over-the-top luxurious and anything in between. In every case—whether it’s a small-group Classic Safari or a fully private, tailor made-Custom Safari

What’s the difference between Lodge and a Camp?

Lodges typically consist of permanent cottages rooms or a traditional manor house, or individually decorated rooms in that welcoming house, which often has multiple dining areas, outside and inside and lush landscaping for carefree strolling. Without losing a smidgen of luxury, camps usually feature a main house, and a number of luxuriously appointed, refreshingly airy tents with en suite bathrooms, verandas, and sitting areas with an African touch

What are the advantages of Safiri Adventures Versus Planning it yourself?

A big, internet-era question! You certainly don’t want to arrive in Africa only to find that the lodge with the nice website isn’t quite as lovely as advertised. You don’t want to scramble all alone when a bush flight is cancelled, car has broken down or a hotel or lodge has misplaced your reservation. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on an experience or a place you might never have heard of back home.
We thoroughly vet all lodges, camps, partners and staff who work with Safiri Adventures

Who will be joining you?

Families, groups of friends, and solo travellers—all are welcome, and our safari experts will help you choose a safari that best fits your interests, schedules, and enthusiasms

What about the African Culture?

People come to Africa to see its wildlife, but they leave in love with its people. Our roots in Africa are deep and we delight in introducing our guests to its village and city people all of whom greet you as an old friend, and you as an honoured friend of a friend.

Private Classic Safaris

Completely privatized Classic Safaris, ideal for families, friends, honeymooners, and with whoever wants to enjoy Africa

Specialised programs

From ornithologists, archaeologists, scientists, and other specialities, we ensure your expectations are surpassed

Tailor made Safaris

Fully private, individually planned, short, long, sky’s-the-limit…..the options are endless