Africa is a mélange of unique cultures and sub-cultures, surrounded by epic landscapes and precious wildlife. Africa’s vast and rugged landscapes lend themselves to some of the world’s best wildlife encounters. It could take years —or even a lifetime— to truly experience each and every wonder of this mighty land named Africa.
Inhabited by a medley of boundless savannas, red sandstone cliffs, mighty deserts, whooshing rainforests, and fascinating wildlife, the continent has long enticed wide-eyed travellers who are willing to go off the beaten path to uncover the world’s lesser-known marvels. While nature continues to be the driving force that draws adventurers to Africa, there’s something for everyone in the world’s second-largest continent.

To help you see the best of Africa, we have incorporated a rundown of a few points on why you should go on a safari in the 2022-2023 season.

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps on unfurling, the fate of Africa’s normal scenes—and the safaris that coincide with them—are yet to be determined. Here’s how your safari assumes a part in the bigger conservation story. With a trip of a lifetime, you get to support one of the most hospitable people you will encounter.

No matter where you are from in the world, if you want to experience something truly amazing, there is only one place that comes close: Africa. The canvas upon which the continent’s epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit.

At Safiri Adventures, we ensure that tours and trips booked benefit the local communities, as “Community-based natural resource management has become one of the dominant paradigms of natural resource conservation worldwide,” Derek E. Lee. We pride ourselves on the extensive first-hand knowledge and personalised service our team of experts can offer. As travel begins to resume and guests return to Africa, it is our top priority to ensure both you and our staff feel safe without compromising the quality, hospitality and excitement that you’ve come to expect of a safari. Our partners and staff follow strict guidelines to ensure that our guests are safe. The logistics of movement in Africa is handled by our team who are – literally the navy seals of travel

If you are looking to go safely – wide open spaces of Africa are the answer

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Safiri Adventures spends much of its time making sure visitors leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Visitors from around the world come to see Africa’s most incredible wildlife and witness first-hand the old continent’s incredible diversity.

Going on Safari in Africa is an experience unlike any other. While seeing a leopard munch on a freshly caught gazelle or spying a curious lion cub venture away from its mother’s protective embrace will be highlights of your trip, you’ll discover the journey is as much a part of your trip as the destination. The experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face whatever life throws your way. Explore a wide variety of unique Safaris and Destinations to suit your specific needs. Our Bespoke Safaris are a unique collection of various safari adventures operating in different parts of East Africa.

Get out of the confined spaces. Be alive again.

For the past 2 years, we have adapted to a new way of life, a life of being stuck in confined spaces, limited interaction, and long stressful days. The pandemic has been hard on everyone because we like to discover, explore, interact and enjoy freedom. As travel begins to resume, a safari should be at the top of your list as the wide-open spaces of Africa are the answer to post-pandemic travel. Safari vacations are built for social distancing and have strict protocols in place. You will get to enjoy game drives and see some of the greatest species of wildlife in their natural habitat. The word safari means journey, so when you go on a safari; you take a journey through the Savannah in search of the famous Big.

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Take a breather

When life catches up with you, it’s important to take a break and smell the roses. It’s good to escape the stresses of everyday life and just be in a place that has no signs of sky scrapers or crowded streets. That’s what a Safari a The Health and Wellness Safari. can offer. It is one of the most romantic destinations that can make your dreams come true with your loved one – away from all phones, computers, and stressful environments. You can feast on fresh beauty and wildlife, with romantic baths under the starry skies in Segera.

segera safari tours

Capture Memories

Everyone becomes a photographer in Africa on a safari. Yes, this is true. We all love to take photos, don’t we? Even the ones who do not like to take photos, take the opportunity to capture the serene landscape. It does not matter whether you are a pro or an amateur. You will love taking photos and capturing memories in Africa.
Other than elephants, buffalo, lions, and rhinos, a safari adventure will likely capture some elusive animals like cheetahs, leopards, zebra-striped hyenas, jackals, and bat-eared foxes. Although you might not be able to photograph them all at first glance, they are beautifully captured in detail on camera if you spend just a little longer with your binoculars.

Small Group Excursions Safaris- photo credit Finch Hattons

Experience food and culture

Kenya is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. Safaris are not only just about seeing wild animals on the savannah, but also the wide range of food. From delicious meals to mouth-watering snacks, there’s lots to enjoy during your visit to Kenya. A Safari is incomplete without sampling local cuisines and here are some of the most popular dishes you should try during your African Safari!
Every one of the 42 Kenyan tribes spread across the nation has exceptional delights that can take a lifetime to test while on an African Safari. The Rift Valley is the primary food basket of the country due to the rich volcanic soils and most of the fresh food comes from the region
The coast is well known a result of the seashores along the Indian Ocean and the rich Swahili culture. The internationally perceived Swahili food is one of its sorts in the country which is generally a converge of Middle Eastern and local African cuisines.

Support the locals post pandemic

Africa has been affected by the pandemic since the economy mostly thrives on the tourism industry. Most Safari tours work in conjunction with the local support and businesses run by families with almost no financial aid from the governments. Restrictions have forced many businesses to close leaving the families with no income. According to Kenya’s statistics, accommodation and food service crashed 57.9%. There has been a loss of 110 billion Kenyan shillings, approx 1.3 Australian billion dollars. (From our past article top-rated Kenya tours). By taking an African safari, you not only enjoy the trip but you support the locals.

As more and more tourism dollars flow into Africa, we need to make sure we put them to good use, selecting destinations that make a demonstrated difference to people and planet while at the same time delivering extraordinary travel experiences, as well as the opportunity to be a part of projects and practises that make a real difference to wildlife and local communities. Call it conscious travel, or sustainable tourism, or whatever you like, this better form of tourism is not just a green movement or focused on limiting impact on Planet Earth but rather people‐based, with a firm focus on benefitting people and entire communities in the parts of Africa where tourism can be the difference between putting food on plates or going hungry. And by benefitting people we are adding value to wilderness areas, helping to protect them and the iconic wildlife that call them home.

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